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Upcoming presentations

Here are some presentations about our activity, regarding shark genome analysis.

Squalomix: shark and ray genome analysis consortium and its data sharing platform


October 10-14. Virtual Poster Presentation at Sharks International 2022

Squalomix: consortium for analyzing chondrichthyan fish genome sequences

The class Chondrichthyes is one of the long-established evolutionary lineages of vertebrates particularly understudied at the molecular level. This limitation is attributable to the long-standing scarcity of their whole genome sequence information, resulting from the elusiveness and low fecundity of those animals, as well as the relatively large and repetitive genomes (reviewed in Kuraku, 2021. Dev. Biol. 477: 262-272). Previously, we reported interim results of our genome analysis on three shark species (brownbanded bamboo shark, cloudy catshark, and whale shark), together with tissue-level gene expression profiles and epigenomic marks of the chromatin regulator CTCF (Hara et al., 2018. Nat. Ecol. Evol. 2: 1761-1771). More recently, we organized the consortium Squalomix ( and employed cutting-edge genome sequencing technologies to obtain chromosome-scale sequences for diverse shark and ray genomes, using the iconHi-C protocol (Kadota et al., 2018. GigaScience 9: giz158). The obtained sequences have been validated with original high-fidelity karyotype data provided by our cell culture protocol (Uno et al., 2020. Commun. Biol. 3:652). Our resultant data set allowed us to reveal the evolutionary trends of chromosomes and genes of chondrichthyans in comparisons with those of other vertebrates. The resources and products from this project are accessible through



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