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Euro-EvoDevo Conf

I read that the whole nation of Italy is turning into 'white' - I am writing about the level of COVID19 infection risk which was formerly 'red' or 'orange'. I am wondering what decision the local organizers will make, regarding the 8th Euro-EvoDevo Conference to be held in Naples in late October.

In this conference, I planned to organize a symposium ' Advances in EvoDevOmic studies of sharks and rays' with Gareth Fraser in Florida. Considering the lasting concern of infection in Japan and related regulations at different layers, this plan will have to be modified, unfortunately. More unfortunate is that we lost one of the invited speakers, Jose-Luis, last summer. I was looking forward to seeing him for the first time in person, at this conference. R.I.P.

I still don't know how I can revive the symposium plan while staying remote in Japan, if the conference is really held in October. Please let me know if you, with fantastic shark/ray evo-devo-ish data, can contribute to this symposium!


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